Conversations that matter for eternity

As each day of the semester goes by, it is easy to focus only on yourself, and the schoolwork that you have, and the exams that you have coming up. This is when it is easiest to neglect those around you. But God gave us Christian community to encourage one another daily (Hebrews 3:13). And when we do get together, our conversation shouldn’t be mere surface-level small talk. We should be building up one another in the faith. Do you ever think about how your conversations with friends matter in eternity?

John Piper once said, “There are no meaningless moments in Christian community. Every conversation and every interaction counts for eternity. We are either weakening people’s affections for God, or strengthening them.” We weaken others by pointing them to temporal things, making much of things that will pass. We strengthen them by pointing to Christ. That is why I take a few moments to write this email every week. It’s more than just announcements. I want to inspire you to seek after Jesus and wholeheartedly follow Him daily. That is why we do prayer breakfasts and Bible studies, etc. It matters for eternity!